Digital strategy
Content communication

Brand consulting

Brand attribute and values planning, name and logo creation, and the identification of a consistent innovative design are just a few of the aspects we consider when designing a unique identity to reinforce brand awareness.


Digital strategy

Digital strategy combines all the tools utilised in digital marketing and aligns every decision towards achieving your business objectives. Any initiative in the digital era, whatever it is, must be the result of careful analysis by the digital strategist in setting smart objectives and putting together a comprehensive innovative strategic plan.

Digital pr

Telling a brand’s story in the digital arena and on social networks requires precise creative strategic skills. Digital PR research and influencer marketing can really help in selecting the right testimonials and web talents that fit with each individual brand identity so as to augment its visibility.

Press release

Through its fashion editor, journalist and stylist stakeholders, the fashion system not only allows us an innovative and, above all, an individual insight into brands with a sharply defined personality but also helps to keep them fresh and contemporary by following the mix-and-match trend which always keeps pace with the dictates of the moment.


Celebrity endorsement these days is an impactful communication vehicle with the public. Associating your own image with a celebrity unquestionably strengthens brand reputation.


Careful production planning and coordination is the first step towards the creation of a project that brings out all the particular attributes and strengths of each brand based on industry expert research and use of the most suitable locations.

Adv campaign

An effective advertising campaign conveys the key attractions of a particular product or brand and influences its target audience. From styling to graphics, de Primera takes care of every aspect of advertising down to the finest detail, including the management of digital campaigns and the creation of sales network lookbooks and retail outlet catalogues/POP material.

Media content

From creative concept to art direction, from directing to editing, through the selection of top photographers and filmmakers with the help of the art director, stylist and other sector specialists, De Primera manages the brand by perfectly describing and presenting its vision and mission.

Web design

We develop functional and attractive websites to perfectly communicate your brand values through user experience and interface custom built and designed for every individual brand we manage.


Each event is a unique experience designed to place the brand in a new space, which in and of itself becomes a focal point for research and innovation. Our experience, competence and creativity put us in a position to meet the never-ending industry challenge of reinvention by planning environments with functional, contemporary designs aligned with brand values.

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